The sound of learning...

Students love success but often get stuck when writing, editing, studying vocabulary or tackling complex school assignments. Now, Bookbag Software’s Student Writing Dojo provides you with the tools and structure to keep your students motivated.

Student Writing Dojo is a user-friendly, flexible, four-program suite designed by a teacher and tested by students.

Vocabulary Review lets you provide them with unlimited vocabulary practice and instant feedback, while effortlessly tracking their progress for you.

Write On Writer guides students through the writing process, prompting them each step of the way from rough draft through to polished text they’ll take pride in.

MultiMedia Writer lets students readily integrate audio, video, graphics and text into their stories and reports.

Read Right! reads students’ writing back to them; hearing their own writing read aloud aids them in the editing process.

Because you and your students provide the content, Student Writing Dojo is appropriate for use at any grade, from elementary through college level. Its structure allows you to easily adapt or extend existing assignments or create new ones. The programs feature an intuitive user interface that will have your class up and running in almost no time.